Pavel Radkov

Pavel Radkov,
Simple copywriting for complex products

I write well-thought copy that helps tech companies to launch products, attract buyers and stand out from the crowd.

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About me

The copywriter who gets results

For over 10 years, I have been creating data-driven articles and tutorials for SaaS and tech products. If you are looking for meaningful content that converts, powerful headlines, and engaging messaging to drive sales up, we are the perfect match. My approach stands out from the crowd and makes a connection with your customers. Everything I produce is measured and tested, improving the performance of your landing pages, email campaigns and social reach. I will bridge the gap between you and your audience with a well-balanced, influential and educational writing style.

Understand and Present your Product

with clear, impactful and focused benefit-led messaging

Get your customers excited

in a way that only a computer geek and content ninja can

Plan your content Strategy

with data-driven approach and forward thinking

Copy That Sells

Case Studies & Work Samples

I’ve written for lots of industries in my time, but recently I am focused on AI, FinTech, SaaS, Software, Web-based Learning, and Consumer Electronics.

Showpad - Content, Resources, Blog Articles

Customer focused B2B content and training software
Coming Soon

Zuora - Website Content, Blog Articles

B2B cloud-based software on a subscription basis
Coming Soon

Travelperk - Product Content, Articles, Resources

Travel management platform for businesses
Coming Soon

What People Say About My work

Client Testimonials

The writing process to succeed

Deliver results just like you do

This is my copywriting process from initial “hellos” to revenue-generating copy.


Discover and Plan

The first step is to understand your business, product and customers. I will review your competition and develop a content creation plan that matches your needs.


Research and Write

I will set up interviews with the relevant team members, review documentation and go through your product. You won’t lift a finger. My writing process delivers content that is ready to go live.


Review and Refine

I am still giving your team a chance to look over everything. Once published I will review stats and user activity to optimize future content based on your audience.

The Solutions that you’re looking for

Copywriting Services

Landing Page Copy

I write conversion-focused copy for core web pages. You turn more website visitors into warm leads.

Email Marketing Content

I will compose killer headlines and design segmented email campaigns hit the target.

User On-boarding Development

Remove the obstacles that get in the way of your customers and unlock the value of your product.

Tutorials and Documentation

Create harmonios experiences for your users and make sure people only have to learn once.

Brand Writing Style

Combine your core company values, mission and principles into a consistent writing style.

Customer Acquisition Optimization

Convert more leads into paying customers through sales emails, CTA sections and A/B testing.

SEO Content Creation

Executing a well thought out SEO strategy brings immediate traffic and long term results.

Case Study Production

Case studies are much more than problems and solutions. It is your unique customer approach.

Work with a passionate person who loves data and gets your business

SEO advance? More sales? Customer retention? I can help!